Ingredient Weight Chart

For best results, we recommend weighing your ingredients with a digital scale. A cup of all-purpose flour weighs 4 1/4 ounces or 120 grams. This chart is a quick reference for volume, ounces, and grams equivalencies for common ingredients.

Ingredient Weight Chart
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'00' Pizza Flour1 cup4116
All-Purpose Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Almond Flour1 cup3 3/896
Almond meal1 cup384
Almond paste (packed)1 cup9 1/8259
Almonds (sliced)1/2 cup1 1/243
Almonds (slivered)1/2 cup257
Almonds, whole (unblanched)1 cup5142
Amaranth flour1 cup3 5/8103
Apples (dried, diced)1 cup385
Apples (peeled, sliced)1 cup4113
Applesauce1 cup9255
Apricots (dried, diced)1/2 cup2 1/464
Artisan Bread Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Artisan Bread Topping1/4 cup1 1/243
Baker's Cinnamon Filling1 cup5 3/8152
Baker's Fruit Blend1 cup4 1/2128
Baker's Special Sugar (superfine sugar, castor sugar)1 cup6 3/4190
Baking powder1 tea­spoon 4
Baking soda1/2 tea­spoon 3
Baking Sugar Alternative1 cup6170
Bananas (mashed)1 cup8227
Barley (cooked)1 cup7 5/8215
Barley (pearled)1 cup7 1/2213
Barley flakes1/2 cup1 5/846
Barley flour1 cup385
Basil pesto2 table­spoons128
Bell peppers (fresh)1 cup5142
Berries (frozen)1 cup5142
Blueberries (dried)1 cup5 1/2156
Blueberries (fresh)1 cup6170
Blueberry juice1 cup8 1/2241
Boiled cider1/4 cup385
Bran cereal1 cup2 1/860
Bread crumbs (dried)1/4 cup128
Bread crumbs (fresh)1/4 cup3/421
Bread crumbs (Japanese Panko)1 cup1 3/450
Bread Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Brown rice (cooked)1 cup6170
Brown rice flour1 cup4 1/2128
Brown sugar (dark or light, packed)1 cup7 1/2213
Buckwheat (whole)1 cup6170
Buckwheat Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Bulgur1 cup5 3/8152
Butter8 table­spoons (1/2 cup)4113
Buttermilk1 cup8227
Buttermilk powder2 tablespoons2/318
Cacao nibs1 cup4 1/4120
Cake Enhancer2 table­spoons1/214
Candied peel1/2 cup385
Caramel (14-16 individual pieces, 1" squares)1/2 cup5142
Caramel bits (chopped Heath or toffee)1 cup5 1/2156
Caraway seeds2 table­spoons5/818
Carrots (cooked and puréed)1/2 cup4 1/2128
Carrots (diced)1 cup5142
Carrots (grated)1 cup3 1/299
Cashews (chopped)1 cup4113
Cashews (whole)1 cup4113
Celery (diced)1 cup5142
Cheese (Feta)1/2 cup257
Cheese (grated cheddar, jack, mozzarella, or Swiss)1 cup4113
Cheese (grated Parmesan)1/2 cup1 3/450
Cheese (Ricotta)1 cup8227
Cherries (candied)1/4 cup1 3/450
Cherries (dried)1/2 cup2 1/271
Cherries (fresh, pitted, chopped)1/2 cup2 7/880
Cherries (frozen)1 cup4113
Chickpea flour1 cup385
Chives (fresh)1/2 cup3/421
Chocolate (chopped)1 cup6170
Chocolate Chips1 cup6170
Chocolate Chunks1 cup6170
Cinnamon Sweet Bits1 cup5140
Cinnamon-Sugar1/4 cup1 3/450
Cocoa (unsweetened)1/2 cup1 1/242
Coconut (sweetened, shredded)1 cup385
Coconut (toasted)1 cup385
Coconut (unsweetened, desiccated)1 cup385
Coconut (unsweetened, large flakes)1 cup2 1/860
Coconut (unsweetened, shredded)1 cup1 7/853
Coconut Flour1 cup4 1/2128
Coconut Milk Powder1/2 cup257
Coconut oil1/2 cup4113
Coconut sugar1/2 cup2 3/477
Confectioners' sugar (unsifted)2 cups8227
Cookie crumbs1 cup385
Corn (popped)4 cups3/421
Corn syrup1 cup11312
Cornmeal (whole)1 cup4 7/8138
Cornmeal (yellow, Quaker)1 cup5 1/2156
Cornstarch1/4 cup128
Cracked wheat1 cup5 1/4149
Cranberries (dried)1/2 cup257
Cranberries (fresh or frozen)1 cup3 1/299
Cream (heavy cream, light cream, or half & half)1 cup8227
Cream cheese1 cup8227
Crystallized ginger1/2 cup3 1/492
Currants1 cup5142
Dates (chopped)1 cup5 1/4149
Demerara sugar1 cup7 3/4220
Dried Blueberry Powder1/4 cup128
Dried milk (Baker's Special Dry Milk)1/4 cup128
Dried nonfat milk (powdered)1/4 cup128
Dried potato flakes (instant mashed potatoes)1/2 cup1 1/243
Dried whole milk (powdered)1/2 cup1 3/450
Durum Flour1 cup4 3/8124
Easy Roll Dough Improver2 table­spoons5/818
Egg (fresh)1 large1 3/450
Egg white (fresh)1 large1 1/435
Egg whites (dried)2 table­spoons3/811
Egg yolk (fresh)1 large1/214
Espresso Powder1 table­spoon1/47
Everything Bagel Topping1/4 cup1 1/435
Figs (dried, chopped)1 cup5 1/4149
First Clear Flour1 cup3 3/4106
Flax meal1/2 cup1 3/450
Flaxseed1/4 cup1 1/435
French-Style Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Fruitcake Fruit Blend1 cup4 1/4120
Garlic (cloves, in skin for roasting)1 large head4113
Garlic (minced)2 table­spoons128
Garlic (peeled and sliced)1 cup5 1/4149
Ginger (fresh, sliced)1/4 cup257
Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Mix1 cup4 1/4120
Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour1 cup5 1/2156
Gluten-Free Measure for Measure Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Graham cracker crumbs (boxed)1 cup3 1/299
Graham crackers (crushed)1 cup5142
Granola1 cup4113
Grape Nuts1/2 cup257
Harvest Grains Blend1/2 cup2 5/874
Hazelnut flour1 cup3 1/889
Hazelnut Praline Paste1/2 cup5 1/2156
Hazelnut spread1/2 cup5 5/8160
Hazelnuts (whole)1 cup5142
Hi-Maize Natural Fiber1/4 cup1 1/832
High-Gluten Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Honey1 table­spoon3/421
Instant ClearJel1 table­spoon3/811
Irish-Style Flour1 cup3 7/8110
Italian-Style Flour1 cup3 3/4106
Jam or preserves1/4 cup385
Jammy Bits1 cup6 1/2184
Keto Wheat Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Key Lime Juice1 cup8227
Lard1/2 cup4113
Leeks (diced)1 cup3 1/492
Lemon Juice Powder2 table­spoons5/818
Lime Juice Powder2 table­spoons5/818
Macadamia nuts (whole)1 cup5 1/4149
Malt syrup2 table­spoons1 1/243
Malted Milk Powder1/4 cup1 1/435
Malted Wheat Flakes1/2 cup2 1/464
Maple sugar1/2 cup2 3/478
Maple syrup1/2 cup5 1/2156
Marshmallow crème1 cup385
Marshmallow Fluff®1 cup4 1/2128
Marshmallows (mini)1 cup1 1/243
Marzipan1 cup10 1/8290
Mascarpone cheese1 cup8227
Mashed potatoes1 cup7 1/2213
Mayonnaise1/2 cup4113
Medium Rye Flour1 cup3 3/4106
Meringue powder1/4 cup1 1/243
Milk (evaporated)1/2 cup4113
Milk (fresh)1 cup8227
Millet (whole)1/2 cup3 5/8103
Mini chocolate chips1 cup6 1/4177
Molasses1/4 cup385
Mushrooms (sliced)1 cup2 3/478
Non-Diastatic Malt Powder2 table­spoons5/818
Oat bran1/2 cup1 7/853
Oat flour1 cup3 1/492
Oats (old-fashioned or quick-cooking)1 cup3 1/889
Olive oil1/4 cup1 3/450
Olives (sliced)1 cup5142
Onions (fresh, diced)1 cup5142
Paleo Baking Flour1 cup3 5/8104
Palm shortening1/4 cup1 1/245
Pasta Flour Blend1 cup5 1/8145
Pastry Flour1 cup3 3/4106
Pastry Flour Blend1 cup4113
Peaches (peeled and diced)1 cup6170
Peanut butter1/2 cup4 3/4135
Peanuts (whole, shelled)1 cup5142
Pears (peeled and diced)1 cup5 3/4163
Pecan Meal1 cup2 3/480
Pecans (diced)1/2 cup257
Pie Filling Enhancer1/4 cup1 5/846
Pine nuts1/2 cup2 1/271
Pineapple (dried)1/2 cup2 1/271
Pineapple (fresh or canned, diced)1 cup6170
Pistachio nuts (shelled)1/2 cup2 1/860
Pistachio Paste1/4 cup2 3/478
Pizza Dough Flavor2 tablespoons 12
Pizza Flour Blend1 cup4 3/8124
Polenta (coarse ground cornmeal)1 cup5 3/4163
Poppy seeds2 table­spoons5/818
Potato Flour杀戮都市漫画最新章节免费阅读_杀戮都市漫画无弹窗,japanesematur乱儿无弹窗全文阅读_japanesematur乱儿最新 ,河南电信网上营业厅网最新章节免费阅读_河南电信网上营业 1/4 cup1 5/846
Potato starch1 cup5 3/8152
Pumpernickel Flour1 cup3 3/4106
Pumpkin purée 1 cup8227
Quinoa (cooked)1 cup6 1/2184
Quinoa (whole)1 cup6 1/4177
Quinoa flour1 cup3 7/8110
Raisins (loose)1 cup5 1/4149
Raisins (packed)1/2 cup385
Raspberries (fresh)1 cup4 1/4120
Rhubarb (sliced, 1/2" slices)1 cup4 1/4120
Rice (long grain, dry)1/2 cup3 1/299
Rice flour (white)1 cup5142
Rice Krispies1 cup128
Rye Bread Improver杀戮都市漫画最新章节免费阅读_杀戮都市漫画无弹窗,japanesematur乱儿无弹窗全文阅读_japanesematur乱儿最新 ,河南电信网上营业厅网最新章节免费阅读_河南电信网上营业 2 tablespoons 14
Rye Chops1 cup4 1/4120
Rye flakes1 cup4 3/8124
Rye Flour Blend1 cup3 3/4106
Salt (Kosher, Diamond Crystal)1 table­spoon 8
Salt (Kosher, Morton's)1 table­spoon 16
Salt (table)1 table­spoon 18
Scallions (sliced)1 cup2 1/464
Self-Rising Flour1 cup4113
Semolina Flour1 cup5 3/4163
Sesame seeds1/2 cup2 1/271
Shallots (peeled and sliced)1 cup5 1/2156
Six-Grain Blend1 cup4 1/2128
Sorghum flour1 cup4 7/8138
Sour cream1 cup8227
Sourdough starter1 cup8 to 8 1/2227 to 241
Soy flour1/4 cup1 1/435
Sparkling Sugar1/4 cup257
Spelt Flour1 cup3 1/299
Sprouted Wheat Flour杀戮都市漫画最新章节免费阅读_杀戮都市漫画无弹窗,japanesematur乱儿无弹窗全文阅读_japanesematur乱儿最新 ,河南电信网上营业厅网最新章节免费阅读_河南电信网上营业 1 cup4113
Steel cut oats1/2 cup2 1/270
Sticky Bun Sugar1 cup3 1/299
Strawberries (fresh sliced)1 cup5 7/8167
Sugar (granulated white)1 cup7198
Sugar substitute (Splenda)1 cup7/825
Sundried tomatoes (dry pack)1 cup6170
Sunflower seeds1/4 cup1 1/435
Super 10 Blend1 cup3 3/4106
Sweetened condensed milk1/4 cup2 3/478
Tahini paste1/2 cup4 1/2128
Tapioca starch or flour1 cup4113
Tapioca (quick cooking)2 table­spoons3/421
Teff flour1 cup4 3/4135
The Works Bread Topping1/4 cup1 1/435
Toasted Almond Flour1 cup3 3/896
Toffee chunks1 cup5 1/2156
Tropical Fruit Blend1 cup4 1/2 to 5128 to 142
Turbinado sugar (raw)1 cup6 3/8180
Unbleached Cake Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Vanilla Extract 1 table­spoon1/214
Vegetable oil1 cup7198
Vegetable shortening1/4 cup1 5/846
Vermont Cheese Powder1/2 cup257
Vital Wheat Gluten2 table­spoons5/818
Walnuts (chopped)1 cup4113
Walnuts (whole)1/2 cup2 1/464
Water1 cup8227
Wheat berries (red)1 cup6 1/2184
Wheat bran1/2 cup1 1/832
Wheat germ1/4 cup128
White Chocolate Chips1 cup6170
White Rye Flour1 cup3 3/4106
White Whole Wheat Flour1 cup4113
Whole Grain Flour Blend1 cup4113
Whole Wheat Flour (Premium 100%)1 cup4113
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour / Graham Flour1 cup3 3/896
Yeast (instant)2 1/4 tea­spoons1/47
Yogurt1 cup8227
Zucchini (shredded)1 cup4 1/4 to 5 1/4121 to 150

Note: If you’re comparing the weights in this chart with those on our recipe site, you may see differences in the gram amounts for some ingredients. Don’t worry; these small discrepancies are due to rounding and similar factors. For ease of use, go by the weight you see in the recipe.